Together with the release of our new website, which is also between black & white now, we’re happy to be able to announce the release date of our debut album right now. We know, that we announced it for the end of 2013 before and we think it would have been possible, but we would like to have a last month for promoting it well. But don’t worry, it will come soon! So, everyone can get “Black & White“ in our web shop from the 11th of January in 2014. And because of the great number of preorders we would like to honor those guys. Meaning, all those who preordered already or for those who will until the 1st of December, they will get it as soon as we got it from the pressing plant. That’s cool, isn’t it?

And we also will celebrate our first album. This will be done within a “Heavy Night“ at Manhattan Club in Hof, where you can listen to our CD and other Heavy Metal music, talk with us and drink some beer or something else together. We will let you know the date for it, soon. Notice, this is not a live event. But also this is planned for the future.
To give you another impression of our recordings we serve a short studio video, which we made while the shouting session yesterday. At this point, thanks again to our friends who helped us – you were great!

So, then have fun with this video, let us know how you like it on facebook and we will post some news again soon!

P.S.: For our English-speaking fans: The missing english content on our new website will be completed step by step briefly.

Out Now!